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Biyou Spa Packages


This treatment starts with a yummy coconut body scrub followed by a back massage ending with deep cleanse facial

(1hr 30min)

Start with a coffee body scrub then relax with our back massage or reflexology foot massage followed by a customised facial suited for your skin type

(2 hrs)

Start with a Aha body scrub, a full Foot & body massage followed by a customised ageless beauty facial suited for your skin type & condition

(3 hrs)

A deluxe Microdermabrasion facial that allows deep exfoliation with a laser cut diamond tip wand that is directed all over the face to gently remove dead skin cells layer by layer, followed by a multivitamin & mineral rich organic face treatment

(60 Min)
Fit & Firm

Gyratory massage to break body fat, reduce cellulite & 30mins on a specialised equipment to tone & firm the body

(Course of 8/16)
Fat Buster

Combination of various herbal steam therapy, heat diathermy,g5 massage & faradic machine to breakdown fat & reduce weight.

(Course of 8/16)

The ultimate foot package,a peel for the sole & top of the feet especially catered to people with hyperpigmentation on the feet followed with reflexology massage

(1hr 15 mins)
The Bridal

Treatments begins 1 – 3 months before the wedding, depending on the needs of the bride.Customised weight loss management programme, Customised weekly body scrub and Facial/Peel to brighten & even the skintone concludes with a deep tissue massage to relieve & ease stress.

1 – 3 months before the wedding
Tailored Skin Care & Nutrition

Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two people are really exactly alike, even twins. And neither are their skin care or nutritional needs. This Customised package is based on individual analysis to determine Clients needs.

This is a yearly membership