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The Blak Product Range

“Blak” offers an extensive line of completely 100% natural and at times hand made products that contain Organic Cold Pressed Oils , Natural butters & Essential Oils, along with the latest botanical extracts to improve the state and quality of your skin without aggravating any skin condition.

All our ingredients have been minimally processed and contain most of the natural vitamins from the fruits, nuts and herbs.

We believe skin care products should be made with as much care and love as home made food. With fresh ingredients(from food sources), shorter shelf life, care and attention, we make superior skin care products.

Our Blak Natural Skin Care Products are:

  • 100% Pure: No compromises. If it isn’t possible to make pure, we don’t label it “blak”!
  • Free from unhealthy additives: Absolutely, totally. We’re not hiding behind fancy words.
  • Perfume free: We use aromatherapy essential oils instead.
  • Simple: We don’t make it sound complicated, because it is better simple!
  • Raw: Most of our products are raw
  • Handmade: Made in Eko
  • Vegetarian: All our products are vegetarian
  • Vegan: All of our products are vegan
  • Organic: We are using certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

..Once you go “blak” you won’t go back

Blak Body Wash

Blak Face Wash

Contains over 50% natural black honey !!! If you are prone to spots, acne , dry or sensitive skin, you will find that our natural face wash will really help your skin without aggravating your skin condition.

Blak Hair Oil

Blak hair oil

An old hair recipe traditional to African communities that have been used to stimulate hair growth for generations.Hand processed using only naturally grown castor beans proven to grow hair rapidly!

Enriched with high potent quality hair growth aids and essential oils to support and increase hair growth.

This oil works deeper at cellular level, seeping into the pores to the hair roots. It nourishes and improves blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

Blak Body Oli

Blak Body Oil

Do you suffer from skin disorders? It may be your beauty products that are to blame. Why not try our completely natural and gentle body oil? It’s a blend of botanical plant oils & powerful vitamin c antioxidants to soothe, heal, nourish, and will over time rejuvenate the skin while treating stretchmarks & cellulite.

Blak Body Wash

Blak Body Wash

Our Blak body wash retain the natural organic oils from the soap making process, so do not dry your skin/hair like most other products.

Smooth and brighten your skin naturally!

Blak Body Lotion

Blak Body Lotion

The best solution to naturally even out & Brighten your skin tone.

Our Blak body lotion is packed with non greasy, yet deeply moisturising skin food with the healing properties of Black seed, shea butter & multi fruit extracts.

Blak Body Lotion

Blak Rok (Natural Deodorant)

Made of 100% natural mineral salts which eliminates odor by leaving an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. It leaves no white residue and can be used by men and women. Lasts up to a year of daily use.

Blak rok natural deodorant stick for all day protection without the cancer. Why cover up odor when you can get rid of it?

Smooth it under your arms after bathing, or Moisten the top of the mineral salt & smooth it under dry under arms.

Blak Body Scrub

Blak Body Scrub

Combined Salts from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Sea infused with pure extracts from Camwood, Tumeric and Fruit extracts in a luxurious exfoliating activated Charcoal

Blak Moisturiser

Face Moisturiser

Formulated with Marine and sea algae to sooth and nourish all skin types. It provides potent minerals and amino acids.

Face Serum

Face Serum

A powerful combination of antioxidants, this serum repairs, evens skin tone, softens fine lines and wrinkles for a glowing you.

Blak Cleanser

Face Cleanser

For all skin types, formulated with gentle exfoliating and resurfacing agents to keep skin clean, clear maintaining a youthful complexion.